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Welcome to East Longmeadow Animal Hospital, a little hospital with a big heart. We are proud to be celebrating our 43rd year!

At East Longmeadow Animal Hospital, we offer a wide range of veterinary services to provide quality care for your furry family members. Along with routine care and vaccinations tailored to your pet's needs, we also offer on-site radiology, dentistry, nutritional counseling, and surgical capabilities. In addition we have close professional relationships with Vet cardiac, surgical, and ultrasound specialist. They will consult here in our hospital when you need them.

Dr, Martin and Dr. Rothbart are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership for our clients. This includes preventative health care and educational opportunities in a warm, caring environment. Each patient is given a generous amount of time to answer any questions or concerns an owner may have.

Our practice philosophy is centered on building a trusting relationship with each pet and owner. Only with personalized attention, education and medical advice can you make skilled decisions that are right for you and your pet. At your pet's routine yearly physical, we will learn more about any health issues and will be able to better individualize your pets medical treatment

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions that you may have regarding your pet or to learn more about our practice.

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East Longmeadow Animal Hospital
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