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Diagnostic Services

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Here at East Longmeadow Animal Hospital we have an  in-house laboratory and digital x-ray equipment.

This equipment provides same day results for your pet, when needed, and allows us to start treatment during that same visit. For the more complicated cases, we work with a handful of outside laboratories to get answers with a speedy turnaround as well.

Some of our common laboratory tests include:

  • Urinalysis/urine culture and sensitivity
  • Complete blood counts (CBC)
  • Pre-operative screenings
  • Major organs including liver and kidney functions
  • Thyroid levels
  • Skin fungal cultures

In order to provide clients and patients with even more diagnostic tools we have upgraded to a digital x-ray system, meaning our x-rays have more detail than ever. Also, being fully digital means that patients that are referred out have the ability to bring their x-rays with them on a CD or to be emailed ahead. We strive to ensure that all patients get the best treatment available to them in a prompt and efficient manner.

What are some reasons that my pet may need xrays?

  • Prescreening for hip dysplasia or other hereditary conditions
  • Foreign objects
  • Broken or dislocated bones
  • Pneumonia , bronchitis, or other chest related issues
  • GI upset
  • Heart conditions
  • Masses/cancers

East Longmeadow Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing your cats and dogs with quality veterinary care. Need to schedule an appointment for your cat or dog? Call us at (413) 788-9657.